• Dr Auradkar Sarika Pradiprao




The realm of "Indian writing in English" has witnessed a remarkable evolution over the years, marked by the prolific contributions of Indian novelists who have harnessed the English language to tell captivating stories rooted in the diverse tapestry of India's culture, history, and society. This study embarks on a journey to explore the profound impact of these Indian novelists within the broader context of the global literary landscape. The research methodology employed in this study is comprehensive and multifaceted. It leverages primary research methods, incorporating the design and dissemination of questionnaires to gather valuable insights from a diverse pool of readers, scholars, and enthusiasts of Indian literature. These questionnaires are strategically crafted to delve into various aspects of reader perceptions, preferences, and the cultural significance attributed to Indian novelists writing in English. Furthermore, the study utilizes Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA) techniques to delve deeper into the intricate relationships between key constructs. This statistical approach enables a rigorous examination of the latent factors associated with reader perceptions, preferences, cultural representation, global impact, and thematic analysis. By employing CFA, the research aims to uncover the underlying patterns and connections that illuminate the significance of Indian novelists in the realm of English literature. The Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA) results yield compelling insights that reaffirm the significance of Indian novelists in English literature. Notably, the analysis reveals a robust positive correlation between reader perceptions and the impact assessment of Indian novelists, underscoring their profound influence on readers both within India and on the global stage. Furthermore, the study highlights the cultural significance and representation attributed to these novelists, emphasizing their role as cultural references and their contributions to the rich tapestry of global literary traditions. These authors are not only read but also revered as cultural ambassadors, transcending geographical boundaries. Moreover, the findings underscore the global literary impact of Indian novelists, as their works transcend borders and provoke profound analyses of social and cultural themes. These authors are catalysts for discussions and explorations of the intricacies of Indian society, enriching the global literary discourse.




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